About Us

About our slime when it comes to you

When you get your slime if it is hard or not stretchy just add lotion. Don't blame us, when it sits in a container for a while it gets hard. The weather where we live is also very cold almost everyday. If when you get your slime it is sticky, just add activator. The activator we use is Contact lens solution, but the other activators that can work are Tide liquid detergent, borax and sta-flo. We send Borax in our packages even though we usally don't use borax. If you don't want us to send you borax then just email us at helena@capeannslime.com

About our slime

We sell high quality slime at a inexpensive price. All of the slimes we sell have there own unique texture, color, and scent. We sell mostly 8 oz slimes but sometimes you might see a 3 oz slime in our shop.